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Welcome back everyone!

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Suggestion : Arcade Collector!

December 17, 2010

Continuing last week Suggestion, the mystery coin bag icon is…….


This arcade collector will count your earnings from arcade, and will be updated after an arcade produce coins and GP. Just simply click Collect. This collector already requested by many users around the world! So, please comment this one!  :fishing:

Suggestion : New Game Bar in Restaurant

December 10, 2010

Hello, I got some idea and suggestion for this week. I will tell you one by one.

Click for bigger picture

Icons from Left to Right :

  • Restaurant Shift
  • Street
  • Redecorate
  • Staffs, with Awards and Yourself Management
  • Recipe Book, with Collectibles and Ingredients Market
  • Challenge (such as Elf Service, Zap Ghouls, Present Hunt, etc.)
  • Mails, with Trade Inbox Request and Free Gift Inbox
  • This one will continued in next edition of Suggestion :clap2:
  • Free Gift (for wider area of game)
  • Camera (for wider area of game too)

There’s Right and Left Button. This button will work like in Pet Society. The Single Next Button to continue Friend List to the next player. The Double Next Button to continue Friend List to next page.


Sneak Peek : Toy Shop Week

December 7, 2010

Welcome to new week of Restaurant City.

This week theme is Toy Shop Week. I was hoping this week like in PS one, but this is soooo different. This week isn’t Christmasy, even not snowy.

Plus, all of Christmas dishes (except Eggnog and Latkas, they are given away long time ago) were back via Gourmet King. Please check the recipe list!

Now, let’s start :D

Even the Panformers Set used Playfish Cash, I still appreciate if someone gave me. The arcade looks cool, but like you know, RC’s Arcades now being greedy with Playfish Cash.

We just have three new outside items. Arcade roof will be PFC I bet.

Those toys really cute. I like bears, monkey and plane at the most.

I love this set and installment :coooool: I would try to make Logo City!

I love futuristic items :love:

So, do you like this week?

Delightful toy

December 7, 2010

Welcome to 2nd Week of December!

Recently, our kitchen and recipe has one new recipe only! I think the team ran out of ideas. This week’s release is just a Deluxe Sundae, a dessert dish.

This is not fun. Where’s our second week of Christmas? I’m kinda disappointed 😦 We have Sundae already before.

Maggie’s Warehouse Sale List – Daily

November 25, 2010

Tuesday, 23rd November

Tokyo Tower

Small Zen Table Monster Robot
Japanese Sliding Door Zen Garden Pond Zen Waterfall
Teppenyaki Grill Japanese Garden Picture Glossy Black Table
Wednesday, 24th November 2010
Marquee Wedding Trellis Bubbly Drink Tower
Dark Romantic Chair White Unicorn Sphinx
Pet Bunny Marble Venus Magical Cupid Statue
Thursday, 25th November 2010
Papparazi Greg The Tasteful Dancer Bread Pot
Trendy Clubbers Mariachi Band Waitress
Hut! Hut! Hut! Robert Pancakes Paul Macaroni
Friday, 26th November 2010
Night Sculpture Black Toilet Black Basin

Ice Swan Sculpture

Outside Statue of Cookery Jade Bar Extension
Pink Lava Lamp Ebony Palatial Table Purple Alien Pet
Saturday, 27th November 2010
Dormouse Mad Hatter Queen of Hearts
Pink Table Lamp Potion Decor Frog Prince
Giant Mushrooms Onyx Obelisk Tea Party Decor
Sunday, 28th November 2010
Jukebox Old Time Radio 24/7 Pocketwatch Stove
Floating Planet Pasta Maker Retro Arcade Machine
Eiffel Tower Bicycle Giant Teapot
Monday, 29th November 2010
Diver Giant TV Mermaid
Pet Sea Horse Underwater Cave Octopus Pillar
Poseidon Statue Alien Statues Sand Castle

Random in-store items that take part of Mega Sale Week :

  • Interior

Purple Chair
Glamour Chair
Flying Carpet Chair
Flying Carpet Table
Round Antique Table
Tiny Door
Metal Double Door
Posh Night Double Door
Moving Deep Sea Picture
Swords Wall Decor
Flowered Trellis
Gold Mirror
Old Oil Lamp (free gift)
Rocking Horse Decor (free gift)
Electric Guitar (free gift)
Green Glow Tube (free gift)
Money Bag (free gift)
Mean Green Disco Tile
Mellow Yellow Disco Tile
Red Hot Disco Tile
Rhythmic Fountain
Koi Pond
Wrought Iron Divider
Golden Column
Cacti Joe
Mini Rock Geyser
Cacti Jose
Small Water Fountain
Mysterious Tree
Huge Fish Tank
Turkish Rug
Large Antique Rug
Saxophone Player
Golden Tile Wall
Mint Marble Toilet
Red Sink
Mosaic Sink
Musical Note

  • Exterior

Japanese Billboard
Grand Central Roof
Roving Spotlights
King’s Coach and Horses

  • Avatar

Chef’s Hat

Maggie’s Boutique Shop List

November 25, 2010

Item Name Price
POTWASHER (23rd November) 50
PINATA (24th November) 12
FOOSBALL TABLE (25th November) 40
SPRING STOVE (26th November) 22
RED ROSE BUSH (27th November) 12
ROULETTE STOVE (28th November) 15
SLOT CAR TRACK (29th November)

Reported different with the old one.


Check The Maggie’s Warehouse Items List Daily! Click Here.

Restaurant City Mega Sale – Disappointment or Not?

November 24, 2010

Did you liked this week? This week is a Mega Sale Week like Playfish have said.

So did you liked this week? Here’s some facts of this week:

  • The one and first time for mega sale, including items and ingredients.

  • Many items on sale, even Playfish Cash.
  • My suggestions accepted, and I hope it is permanent until end. Six ingredients on market is great! :rayof:But not with the price 😦

  • Old limited items are back.
  • This mega sale make this week has no theme, no thanksgiving.
  • Old Playfish Cash items back, but in higher price or same.

Those are just my opinion. Personally, I said this week is bit disappointed. Maybe I will just login for one time a day, claim daily ingredients, check ingredients market, items, starting shift and save.

How about you? Please feel free to comment!


Turke….Duc.. Chicken!

November 24, 2010

Mega Sale week is coming at Restaurant City. I think this week is a bit disappointed, because no new item will be released at Thursday. But at least we still have one recipe (If no recipe released, it is not cooking game 😉 )

Only Main Menu has 1 new recipe. It is Turkducken. With the name, it requires Turkey, Duck and Chicken + Salt.

And it is unlocking a big arcade.. Santa Marzipan (a big ship).. It is cool,:thumbs: consume 4×2 blocks. It can earns 1600 coins/4 hours.

Suggestion : New Inventory and Shop Bar

November 19, 2010

New GUI.. and I wanted it faster  :coooool: How does it works?

  • First Filter Menu, for New – Limited – In Store – Inventory
  • Action Menu, for Selling – Gifting – Clearing
  • Items Field, contains 18 items per page to reduce the lag
  • Second Filter Menu, filtering items class for Seats, Wall Items, Kitchen, D.I.Y, Decorations, Functional, Garden
  • Search, this is the most thing that I wanted! :woot: Type to search! Reduce lag also…
  • Third Filter, to reduce the lag, only load items you want (such as only table, only seats, only divider, only figurines, only arcades, etc.)
  • Price Filter, to reduce lag also and display items class by price. You can click to change (there’s 4 different prices, All – Free – Premium – Coins)

Do you like this? :happy:

Latest Restaurant City Update

November 16, 2010

Everything that comes after today’s update are:

  • Maximum level in the game now is Level 90.

  • Without any reason, zapping ghouls game is back. Isn’t Halloween over already?

  • You will get 5 ingredients if you logged in 5 days in a row or more, instead of 3 ingredients. This mean more ingredients!

If you got any other update, please comment! :happy: