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Restaurant City New Items – 8th July 2010

July 8, 2010

New weekly items has arrived in Restaurant City today. It is 60’s Chic Pop week. Well, these are new items coming out today:

~~ INDOOR ~~

There is 3 new tables:

  • Mixed Grain Table (free gift only)
  • Pearl Plastic Table
  • Sky Plastic Table

There is also many matching chairs with tables:

  • Pearl Plastic Monobloc Chair (e-mail permission only)
  • Sky Plastic Monobloc Chair (e-mail permission only)
  • Green Half Capsule Chair
  • Orange Half Capsule Chair
  • Yellow Half Capsule Chair
  • Red Half Capsule Chair
  • Orange Mod Sofa
  • Chocolate Mod Sofa

Wall decoration have one expensive item this week.

  • Airport Clock

Decoration have many items also, and two addition of last week!

  • Cool Blue Disco Tile
  • Mean Green Disco Tile
  • Blush Modernist Divider
  • Chocolate Modernist Divider
  • Apple Modernist Divider
  • Orange Mod Sofa Corner
  • Orange Mod Sofa Center
  • Chocolate Mod Sofa Center
  • Chocolate Mod Sofa Corner
  • Beatnik Man

6 new tiles:

  • Airport Series Departure Tile (e-mail permission only)
  • Airport Series Arrival Tile (e-mail permission only)
  • Airport Series Cafe Tile (e-mail permission only)
  • Hotel Series Apple Tile
  • Hotel Series Blush Tile
  • Hotel Series Grape Tile

And besides tiles, there is also many pastels wallpaper.

  • Terracota Simple Tone Wallpaper
  • Olive Simple Tone Wallpaper
  • Ochre Simple Tone Wallpaper
  • Apple Simple Tone Wallpaper
  • Blush Simple Tone Wallpaper
  • Grape Simple Tone Wallpaper
  • Apple Fan Pattern Wallpaper
  • Sky Fan Pattern Wallpaper
  • Peach Fan Pattern Wallpaper
  • Pink Fan Pattern Wallpaper
  • Kiwi Sky Stripe Wallpaper
  • Blush Dawn Stripe Wallpaper
  • Citrus Punch Stripe Wallpaper
  • Orchard Stripe Wallpaper

One functional this week, and it is coins!!!!

  • Soup – Pop Art Print Series

Now, let me bring you to outdoor items.


Two new banners, retro and small.

  • Hip Cafe Banner
  • Retro Diner Banner

Street decoration have 5 new items.

  • Air Hostess
  • Flower Power Bug
  • Beatnik Girl limited
  • Beatnik Man
  • Happy Camper Van

Happy decorating all!

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