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Bazaar Week – 26th August

August 27, 2010

Welcome to new week in Restaurant City! I enjoyed so much last week’s item, but we need something that different! Well, it is Bazaar Week.

Finally, after Western Themes comes out several times, they make Eastern Theme! Good job! But oh no, you will say ‘many cash items’.

Let us check the new items that out in store:

  • Turkish Sofa – free gift only
  • Blue Moroccan Chair
  • Red Moroccan Chair
  • Pink Moroccan Chair – limited
  • Blue Moroccan Sofa
  • Pink Moroccan Sofa – limited
  • Red Moroccan Sofa

  • Large Gilded Table
  • Star Side Table
  • Octagon Side Table
  • Small Gilded Table
  • Large Octagonal Side Table – limited

  • Moroccan Wall Lamp
  • Exotic Vase
  • Red African Floor Lamp
  • Tunisian Rug
  • Moroccan Archway
  • Moroccan Market Archway
  • Pink Moroccan Corner Sofa
  • Silver Kettle
  • Moroccan Divider
  • Moroccan Divider Block
  • Red Moroccan Corner Sofa
  • Gold Kettle
  • Hookah
  • Blue African Floor Lamp – limited
  • Hookah Customer
  • Turkish Rug
  • Humble Waiter

  • Brown Moroccan Tile
  • Red Imperial Tile
  • Brown Imperial Tile
  • Turkish Stone Tile

  • Dark Tunisian Wallpaper
  • Light Tunisian Wallpaper

  • Mosaic Toilet
  • Mosaic Sink

  • Turkish Stove

Now, let’s go outside.

  • Imperial Palace Roof
  • Imperial Palace Door
  • Imperial Palace Window
  • Imperial Palace Tile
  • Persian Tower

Well, those are new items. Do you like theme? Will you decorate your restaurant with this bazaar theme? I will.

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