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East-ing Experience

August 27, 2010

New recipes! New recipes! *rush to learn*

Six new recipes out at Tuesday. All of them are Eastern recipes. I have tasting some of them, you should try! They are delicious! *wink*

For Starter, there is 1 new recipe, it is Falafel that only can be found via GK.

  • Falafel

For Main Menu, there is 4 new recipes, so sad all of them are limited, even bowling alley recipes!

  • Breakfast Meal Deal – add +1GP when bowling alley played
  • Split Pin Taco Meal – additional employee
  • Moroccan Lamb Shank
  • Doner Kebab

For Drink Menu, there is 1 new recipe and not limited! Yay!!!!

  • Mint Tea

It seems four-ingredient are out again like last October-December.

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  1. January 6, 2011 11:26 AM

    good bowling alley

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