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Oh, it’s a farmer?

September 7, 2010

Restaurant City updated with new recipes. This week’s recipe are from Tuscan, a region in Italia.

First, we all talking about glitches on recipe book.

There’s 2nd glitched ‘Beef Enchilada’ with same ingredients but with Kanafeh image. Soon, they will removed this. Click here for the statement.

Blog show wrong thing after updated, it show a new Tiramisu recipe (since we already have one before). This photo already removed from the blog. For statement, click here.

Next we are talking about non-glitched recipe. šŸ˜›

This Biscotti recipe can be found in Starter Menu. It is placed in the end of the recipe menu (I don’t know this at all). It has weird ingredients, and will be changed soon. Statement again here.

  • Biscotti – will requires Egg, Flour and Sugar soon.

It just like normal dishes. In Main Menu.

  • Gnocchi (Limited) – Pasta, Pasta, Tomato Basil (we are using pasta back!!!!!!)
  • Pizza Florentine – Flour, Cheese, Salad, Egg

Last one, this is from Gourmet King. Located in Main Menu also.

  • Seafood Pasta Bake (Gourmet King) – Pasta, Prawn, Tuna, Peas (Pasta again!!!! :D)

It is something new that adds my job, because I haven’t completed the Main Menu Recipe list! And we are using pastas back!

Do you liked new recipes? Which one is the hardest???

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