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Sneak Peek : Tuscany Week

September 7, 2010

For me, it is:

  • Items Greatness : 3/5
  • Items Price : maybe normal item price rate
  • Interested : 4/5

Items that admire me when I saw it:

Great new doooooooooor! I love stone items. Since it is different with other items, i’m afraid it will be cash :(. I like the Sign and Cow (usually figurines are cash).

This is what i’ve waited for long time. Big ingredients rack! New grape trestle is cool. The pillar also cool, but I want non-pots and pans version.

No comment. I love woods and checker also 🙂

These are really cool as picnic day additions!

Well, it is some of next week items that I liked. Which one do you like?

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  1. September 8, 2010 12:49 AM

    I think the indoor shelves are the nicest “big furniture” items to come out in a while. I’ll be buying those. Great review. I love the pics.

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