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Sneak Peek : Garden Cafe Week

September 21, 2010

For me this week overall ratings is:

  • Items Design : 10/5 (LOL!)
  • Items Price : Expensive on cash and coins, they are so cool!
  • My Interest : 4/5

First, I want to spoil next week Limited Deal item. I got it from newsletter after update. It is a stove. Of course, it is cash because it is 20% faster.

Next, we are going to see some of new items (I think not some, but all because I liked all of them 🙂 )

The Glass Roof is big, it is nice but I think I will use the old one, Antique Glass Roof that cost 1900 coins only. Finally, we can have instant Glasshouse Tile! Glasses always cool enough! xD

Birdhouse and Swan Pond is cool idea, but both will be cash. Birdhouse is funny, turn your trash into birds. Swan Pond? Better to use Magic Water Tile and Romantic Swan. Doors, wallpaper, windows and awning so cool. But the window is so silly, it has switched awning.

We are having a new fence on Thursday! Table will be cash, but cool! Bye~

How do they know I like green? Statue will be expensive coins. Birdbath is a friend for Birdhouse.

New flower arrangement and mix. So pretty!

Do you like this week? Please comment your personal ratings, so everyone will know!

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