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Sneak Peek : Halloween Party – Final Halloween

October 26, 2010

For me, this week rating:

  • Items Greatness : 5/5
  • Items Price : I would like to say this week is Playfish Cash week.
  • Interested : 4/5

Like above, this week is gonna be PFC week ever. Because there is a new Halloween Mystery Box that costs 10 PF-C, and have 18 items inside.

Best exterior items so far! They are cool, but the tiles should be darker for Halloween, shouldn’t it?

I like the lights at most. Hope the Mob is not gigantic like Survivor.

They listened my dream. :shifty:

Good one. I love orange and dark. Especially the Halloween Feast.

Oh… all of them are great! We need more columns and fencing dividers! :woot2:

No descriptions on Toilets means it is coins! :ohyeah:I love the Ghost Balloon and Black Cat also.

Well, I loved this week, but things that make I hate it is new Mystery Box, because it is ungiftable.

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