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Maggie’s Warehouse Sale List – Daily

November 25, 2010

Tuesday, 23rd November

Tokyo Tower

Small Zen Table Monster Robot
Japanese Sliding Door Zen Garden Pond Zen Waterfall
Teppenyaki Grill Japanese Garden Picture Glossy Black Table
Wednesday, 24th November 2010
Marquee Wedding Trellis Bubbly Drink Tower
Dark Romantic Chair White Unicorn Sphinx
Pet Bunny Marble Venus Magical Cupid Statue
Thursday, 25th November 2010
Papparazi Greg The Tasteful Dancer Bread Pot
Trendy Clubbers Mariachi Band Waitress
Hut! Hut! Hut! Robert Pancakes Paul Macaroni
Friday, 26th November 2010
Night Sculpture Black Toilet Black Basin

Ice Swan Sculpture

Outside Statue of Cookery Jade Bar Extension
Pink Lava Lamp Ebony Palatial Table Purple Alien Pet
Saturday, 27th November 2010
Dormouse Mad Hatter Queen of Hearts
Pink Table Lamp Potion Decor Frog Prince
Giant Mushrooms Onyx Obelisk Tea Party Decor
Sunday, 28th November 2010
Jukebox Old Time Radio 24/7 Pocketwatch Stove
Floating Planet Pasta Maker Retro Arcade Machine
Eiffel Tower Bicycle Giant Teapot
Monday, 29th November 2010
Diver Giant TV Mermaid
Pet Sea Horse Underwater Cave Octopus Pillar
Poseidon Statue Alien Statues Sand Castle

Random in-store items that take part of Mega Sale Week :

  • Interior

Purple Chair
Glamour Chair
Flying Carpet Chair
Flying Carpet Table
Round Antique Table
Tiny Door
Metal Double Door
Posh Night Double Door
Moving Deep Sea Picture
Swords Wall Decor
Flowered Trellis
Gold Mirror
Old Oil Lamp (free gift)
Rocking Horse Decor (free gift)
Electric Guitar (free gift)
Green Glow Tube (free gift)
Money Bag (free gift)
Mean Green Disco Tile
Mellow Yellow Disco Tile
Red Hot Disco Tile
Rhythmic Fountain
Koi Pond
Wrought Iron Divider
Golden Column
Cacti Joe
Mini Rock Geyser
Cacti Jose
Small Water Fountain
Mysterious Tree
Huge Fish Tank
Turkish Rug
Large Antique Rug
Saxophone Player
Golden Tile Wall
Mint Marble Toilet
Red Sink
Mosaic Sink
Musical Note

  • Exterior

Japanese Billboard
Grand Central Roof
Roving Spotlights
King’s Coach and Horses

  • Avatar

Chef’s Hat


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