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Welcome back everyone!

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Turke….Duc.. Chicken!

November 24, 2010

Mega Sale week is coming at Restaurant City. I think this week is a bit disappointed, because no new item will be released at Thursday. But at least we still have one recipe (If no recipe released, it is not cooking game πŸ˜‰ )

Only Main Menu has 1 new recipe. It is Turkducken. With the name, it requires Turkey, Duck and Chicken + Salt.

And it is unlocking a big arcade.. Santa Marzipan (a big ship).. It is cool,:thumbs: consume 4×2 blocks. It can earns 1600 coins/4 hours.


Suggestion : New Inventory and Shop Bar

November 19, 2010

New GUI.. and I wanted it fasterΒ  :coooool: How does it works?

  • First Filter Menu, for New – Limited – In Store – Inventory
  • Action Menu, for Selling – Gifting – Clearing
  • Items Field, contains 18 items per page to reduce the lag
  • Second Filter Menu, filtering items class for Seats, Wall Items, Kitchen, D.I.Y, Decorations, Functional, Garden
  • Search, this is the most thing that I wanted! :woot: Type to search! Reduce lag also…
  • Third Filter, to reduce the lag, only load items you want (such as only table, only seats, only divider, only figurines, only arcades, etc.)
  • Price Filter, to reduce lag also and display items class by price. You can click to change (there’s 4 different prices, All – Free – Premium – Coins)

Do you like this? :happy:

Latest Restaurant City Update

November 16, 2010

Everything that comes after today’s update are:

  • Maximum level in the game now is Level 90.

  • Without any reason, zapping ghouls game is back. Isn’t Halloween over already?

  • You will get 5 ingredients if you logged in 5 days in a row or more, instead of 3 ingredients. This mean more ingredients!

If you got any other update, please comment! :happy:

Sneak Peek : Aztec & Mayan Week!

November 16, 2010

For me, this week rating:

  • Design : 5/5
  • Price : Not predictable
  • Interested : 5/5 (Since I like outdoor restaurant scene)

Well, let’s start.

I love exterior stone architecture. They are all great.

Finally. I’m looking for another stone table beside Victorian Garden and Japan Stone. The sofa and wallpaper just looks cool.

Ahhh, more divider. :clap2:

These plants and the lamp is a great installation for your garden.

I love the Pan Pipe Band. Also Aztec Toilet and Sink.

Did you liked this week? What is your least favorite item?

Chocolate mines!

November 16, 2010

Teehee! I’m back to update 2 new recipes this week. This week is Aztec Week. It is a pretty week, but this week you must say goodbye to your chocolates if you want royal the recipes.

In Main Menu, there’s Chocolate Chili Chicken. Even, I don’t know how is the taste. :unsure:

Requires Chicken, Chocolate, Orange, and Chili.

It unlocks a free Aztec Temple, which adds +1 to your maximum popularity.

Next, in Drink Menu we have Exotic Dark Hot Chocolate. Until know, I just know if Dark Chocolate needs sugar and milk…. :closedeyes: Anyone confused???


Halloween Magic Box – Greedy or Not Greedy?

October 30, 2010

This week’s hottest news is about new mystery box. It costs 10 PF-C each, and contains 18 Halloween-Themed Items. If you collect a set (each set contains 6 items), you will get a free collectible.

For me, this is greedy. Playfish try to take our money every week, and every update.

But, you can get 1 free Mystery Box at 31st Oct from ghoul game.

This is list of items that come from box.

Paranormal Series – 6 items, reward for completing : Paranormal Stove

  • Vampire Bartender
  • Werewolf Butcher
  • Werecat Waitresses
  • Werecat Sushi Chef
  • Vampire Maitre’d
  • Vampire Waiter

Witchy Wonders Series – 6 items, reward for completing : Witchy Stove

  • Little Witch Chef
  • Little Ghost Waiter
  • Sorceror Waiter
  • Wizard Recipe Master
  • Apprentice Wash-up Boy (waiter cleans dish 5% faster)
  • Witch’s Apprentice

Trick-or-Treat Series – 6 items, reward for completing : Trick-or-Treat Stove

  • Fairy Princess Maggie
  • Frankenstein Market Boy
  • Mad Food King
  • Mr. Tea Bouncer
  • Cacti Ramses
  • Greg the Princely Dancer

You shouldn’t get more than 2 items each item. If you collect all 18 figurines, you will unlock an Ultimate Reward!

This Trick-or-Treat Monster House produce 1000 coins every 4 hours, and add +3 max popularity.

This Halloween Mystery Box only available until 16th November. Will you bought them? Isn’t that greedy?

Halloween Trick-or-Treat – 28th October

October 29, 2010

This week is the final of Halloween!

Gladly, trains are coins!

  • Ghost Train Chair
  • Ghost Train Table

Not so bad, I love paintings!

  • Mona Pumpkin – limited
  • Pumpkin with Pearl Earing – limited
  • Pumpkin Scream – limited
  • Skeleton Mirror

All of decorations are cool! Pumpkins are go well with this theme! Especially all of divider and columns. πŸ™‚

  • Lil’ Devil
  • Jack O’Lantern Party Column – limited
  • Autumn Divider
  • Dunkin’ Apples – limited
  • Autumn Iron Divider
  • Autumn Stone Divider
  • Autumn Divider Block
  • Party Column
  • Large Pumpkin Lamp
  • Halloween Sweets – limited
  • Spider Party Column
  • Ghost Party Column – limited
  • Black Cat
  • Skeleton Party Column – limited
  • Elegant Pumpkin Lamp
  • Monster Party Balloon – limited
  • Ghost Party Balloon – limited
  • Halloween Feast – limited
  • Halloween Pumpkin Pile – limited

Train railway tile is awesome.

  • Upper Right Train Tracks Tile
  • Top Train Tracks Tile
  • Upper Left Train Tracks Tile
  • Bottom Left Train Tracks Tile
  • Bottom Right Train Tracks Tile
  • Bottom Train Tracks Tile

New coins toilet design is good. I like them all πŸ™‚

  • Toilet O’Doom – limited
  • Sink O’Doom – limited
  • Halloween Banquet Table – limited (+1 second patience who sat on it)
  • Ghost Train Stove (Cooks 22% faster)

They make many outdoor items! But the Mob is huge again 😦 I like Halloween Lights the most! And new tiles of course! πŸ˜€

  • Suburban Halloween Roof – limited
  • Spooky Dungeon Door – limited
  • Suburban Halloween Porch – limited
  • Suburban Halloween Window – limited
  • Yellow New England Tile
  • Green New England Tile
  • Blue New England Tile
  • Halloween Party Banner – limited
  • Halloween Lights
  • Happy Witch – limited
  • Dungeon Fence – limited
  • Black Cat Fence
  • Pumpkin Scarecrow – limited
  • Creepy Tree – limited
  • Witch-hunter Mob– limited

Finally new avatar items! But no wolves, witches, zombie, vampire or frankenstein 😦

Did you liked this week?

  • Train Tracks Tile